Driscoll Elementary

The RISD School Calendar has ended for the academic year!     Enjoy your Summer Break!      School Buildings are still closed to students & parents at this time.    Summer School will be completed virtually from June 1st thru 25th (Mon thru Thurs from 9 AM to 12 PM)           Stay tuned to www.robstownisd.org for updates during this time!             Learning is Sweet at RDES!                Start a Chain Reaction by Spreading Kindness Daily!

Thanksgiving Holidays for Students & Staff, Nov. 25th - 29th

Students and staff will have the entire week of Thanksgiving off in order to prepare for the holiday!  On behalf of the RDES Faculty & Staff, we would like to wish all of our Little Pickers and their families a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday break!  We will see everyone back at school on Monday, December 2nd!